Saturday, January 8, 2011

How To Choose The Right Foundation Color- Part 1

Are you tired of buying foundation only to find out it looks totally different in the store than at home or outside?  Well, i'm here to help you find the perfect color match for your skin tone once and for all.  If you follow these simple steps you will have success!

1.  When shopping, try not to rush. You want to take your time and get all your questions answered.  I would suggest going to a department store so that you can get professional help and actually see how the foundation looks on your skin rather than just looking at the bottle.

2.  Be sure your face is as clear as possible. Other foundation and makeup can distort the colors you are trying on.

3. Choose at least 3 colors to test on your jawline. Don't test the colors on your inner wrist or hand. Those places are not the same color as your face and don't get as much sun so that's not a good place to test foundation. Be sure to take into consideration the type of skin you have.  You want to choose a foundation formula that is the same as your skin type.

4.  Once the 3 colors are applied, let them sit for a few seconds then go outside to see which color disappears into your skin.  If you can't see it, its a match.  If you can, try other colors. If you cannot go outside try to find a place with as much natural light as possible so you can see what the colors really look like.

Well, that's it for part 1. Stay tuned for part 2 coming very soon!  In the meantime visit for the perfect foundation match!

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